Survival: Companions

Curious thing, solitariness is. If you were to spend a day alone without any human interaction, would you lose a sense of your integrity that day?
I certainly would. I’d start to question the validity of the actions I’m taking, I would lose interest in doing, simply because I see no response from anyone or anything. I’d even start to question if other people exist and if this all is not just a mere construct trying to deceive me into action after action without a goal (maybe that would take several days spent alone).

This is why we need companions, who are more than our ordinary friends, colleagues, family. Who you can talk to no matter what, no matter about what, and you’ll still be presented with not only replies, but an understanding.
That understanding is what makes your connection ascend the everyday life. Where you’ll not reply with ‘what’s wrong?’ if you see the other suffering, you will rather say ‘I know’, because you know without asking.
That sort of understanding makes you hold your integrity tight, it makes you immediately powerful in order to solve anything, which makes you step back into reality, even if it’s just a ‘hi’.

These companions are pillars in our mental palace, people who we can ask to define us, and most likely they will perfectly describe what really we are in ourselves. These people who take us as an enigma worth solving, however weird we are, and let me tell you I’m terrific at being strange. While others will distance themselves and feel awkward, who cannot process how open we are about being different, those people can be friends still, but they’ll never truly find us worthy of discovery.

And that something is bugging me. The more normal a person is the less is to dicosver. And what yield, it’s usually of average-quality, simple, conventional.
While companions dig deeper and deeper until they reach a person’s core, which they will dig into too, “normal” people will stop at some point, where they deep some topics taboo or uncomfortable to talk about. Where they will reach a threshold of information they can receive.

I’m glad to have at least 3 people who I think, I can call my companions.


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