Survival: Relationships

Most people are trying to find their soul-mates in their life and donate a lot of their time building up relationships to be perfect.

At the very bottom steps there’re apps like tinder, okcupid or happn, higher up people can try dating just people they meet in their life.
At those bottoms steps there are many different things to look for. I, personally, feel a bit perplexed about why I use these apps, since I’m not planning to have children, nor to live my life in my current country in the medium-term even.
Any relationship I might come across would be abruptly distorted by my leaving in about 3 years. I justify this with the notion that nothing can stand in the way of the freedom I chose, nor any government, nor any political leader, not my family, my parents, siblings, and not any significant other; because pursuing what’s the uppermost right, should stand above things which are… only right.

Although I like the feeling to rely on someone more than on a frak-buddy, or a friend-with-benefits (depending on the order of intimacy), I’m firmly a polyamorist, so I won’t have problems with having more of these, but the question is can I be a polygamist?
In many countries it’s illegal nonetheless, but what’s a piece of paper and spouse benefits if I can substitute (at least some of) them with various agreements?

Furthermore can my soul-mate be someone who’s not a significant other?
It seems umprovable that you wouldn’t fall in love with such a person, but maybe that’s just not the way we roll. We enjoy each other’s company, but we never get physical, since that would endanger our future together, since we respect each other as independent humans that much we’re transcending Eros, to see more of the mind than the matter.
Could that satisfy our needs for safety, if not for sexual pleasure? Could friends-with-deep-understanding added to friends-with-benefits create an integrity as whole as some consider marriage to be?

I’m driven to the conclusion that I may never find true love which will make me question these beliefs and spread a dog around the questions above; that I may never find true love because I won’t be looking for it… except I may have already found true love, alas unrequited, which will make me even further from the idea of settling down with one person.

Whichever it may be, I’m currently not looking to date long-term, never even say anything about marriage, which I’ll definitely not get. I’m just going to surf around frak-buddies and friends-with-benefits as long as my integrity is holding up.


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