Actors: Evel Sampson Erebus

You might think Evel, Sampson or Erebus are my real names, (who am I kidding, most people don’t even know Evel is a real name), but you would be mistaken. They are placeholders, defining that I’m wicked enough to deliberately be unconventional, and that I have long hair.

But there’s always more to every story. Wicked is a synonym of evil, which Evel resonates with. Sampson is a biblical character of strength, although I am not at all strong. It also refers to the sun, casting light in the darkness. I am Erebus too, of the deepest of darkness, contrasting to the light I bring, thus contradicting myself, believing two opposites to be true, searching a fair point to incorporate all sides and reaching out for stability, without plunging to extremism.

I am the dark. I am the light.

I am merely a youngster, delving  into the studies of the international. Travelling on a small scope, finding meaning into every action, debating across motions never-ending, managing information to reach their destination. Trying to find the will to do more, trying to justify the cost, where I see my joy, my suffering; here we stand in my surfeited room, where I claim my name to be remembered.


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